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Picture rail molding is a peculiarity molding that has been installed in lots of old houses and so the home-owners can prevent creating nail holes in the completed partitions. Unique image hanging hooks slip in the moulding and art work can be strung using a twine on the catch. Picture rail molding additionally supplies a unique cosmetic contact, splitting up the vertical traces from floor to roof. Because of this, additionally it is installed as a cosmetic contact on it's own.

picture rail molding

In the illustration shown, the photo train is installed with a-level point to keep peak. In the event your threshold is irregular, you might want to set up photo train a group distance from your roof in order to avoid an irregular look.
Picture rail molding isn't hard to set up but needs to be augmented with screws, not brads or nails, particularly when you happen to be clinging big, heavy things. According to the style of your house, image train could be hung anywhere from 1 feet to several inches down in the roof. In a few houses, image train is joined just under the cornice or overhead molding for one more level of degree. When used in this manner, it's usually called a sub-railroad.

Resources & Stuff needed:
  • Ladder
  • Pencil
  • Stud finder
  • Recording measure
  • Energy miter saw
  • T-bevel
  • Air-driven end nail gun & converter
  • Sort and 2? End nails
  • 4-ft. stage or laser level
  • Exercise with bits
  • Artists tape
  • Moldings
  • Air-driven fasteners
  • 1? drywall screws
  • Pit filler
  • Vision protection
The best way to Put In Picture Rail Molding

Measure farther down the desirable space from your roof, and attract an amount reference point across the chamber employing a pad plus a-4-ft. degree. Or make use of a laser degree. Work with a stud-finder to find the framework associates, and indicate the places to the walls with blue artists tape.

Fill nail and screw-holes with timber product. Allow the filler dry and mud it sleek. Then use one last layer of color around the molding face.
Toenail the moulding in the stud places masking the stage point across the chamber ( in case you are making use of a laser degree, you just be sure it remains constantly in place and fired up to throw a benchmark point it is possible to follow). After each moulding is totally nailed set up, return to every one stud place and generate; drywall fasteners in to the moulding through counter-drilled pilot holes.

Compute the leading angle. First, fix the saw edge therefore it is similar to the equip of the T level when the manage is flush contrary to the saw fencing. Notice the amount of levels, if any, far from zero the knife place scans.

Work with A level to quantify the perspective of the part, securing the lock nut using the edge along with the manage around the benchmark point. Put the T level available of your power miter noticed, and fix the miter knife to ensure it fits the perspective.

Minimize equally mating sections in precisely the same bevel perspective attained and when reducing picture train, the moulding needs to be placed by means of the bottom edge sleeping available as well as the rear encounter level contrary to the saw fencing.


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